Facts About the GED® Test in Maryland

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"The General Educational Development® (GED®) tests offer an alternate and acceptable way for an individual 16 years old or older to earn a high school diploma. Candidates who successfully complete the GED® tests are awarded a Maryland high school diploma by the State Board of Education."

An applicant is eligible to take the GED® tests if the applicant:

  1. Is a Maryland resident at the time of testing;
  2. is at least 18 years old; and
  3. Either:
Meets both of the following requirements:
  • Has not obtained a Maryland high school diploma or a high school certificate or diploma issued by another state or non-U.S. or correspondence school; and
  • Has been officially withdrawn from a regular full-time public or private school at the time of testing;
  • Has obtained a Maryland High School Certificate of Program Completion in accordance with COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations).

To qualify for the Maryland high school diploma by examination (GED® tests), a candidate shall earn:

  • a standard score of 145 or above on each of the four GED® test content areas.

GED® Test Specifications:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) (150 minutes)
  • Mathematical Reasoning (115 minutes, on-screen calculator provided, TI-30XS Multiview scientific, for use on most items)
  • Science (90 minutes)
  • Social Studies (70 minutes)

There are seven different item types:

  • Extended response
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Drop-down
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Hot spot
  • Multiple choice
  • Short answer

The GED tests are delivered via computer at certified testing locations. Three of the four modules may be taken in Spanish; however, the Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) must be taken in English. Testers are limited to a total of three tests per module per calendar year.

The GED® tests are offered at various locations throughout Maryland. For more information regarding specific testing locations, please visit www.dllr.maryland.gov/gedmd/gedlocations.shtml .

MD i-Pathways is sponsored by the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation, Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning.