Step 1 of 2: Is Online Learning for Me?

I am motivated to get my GED quickly.
I am capable of working independently.
I have fairly strong reading skills.
I usually read directions carefully.
I'm comfortable expressing myself in writing.
I am good at finishing what I start.
I can manage my time and meet deadlines without having to be reminded.
I can work through difficult lessons without being easily discouraged.
I have good study habits (study and prepare for tests, take good notes, etc.).
I ask for help when I need it.
I know that ultimately I am responsible for my education.
I have reliable Internet access at the places I plan to study and do my coursework.
I currently have or am willing to get a personal email address.
My study environment is relatively free from interruptions.
I expect to study 5-6 hours per week in an online course just like a regular face-to-face course.
I believe that a minimum of 6 completed lessons per week is realistic.
I expect to receive feedback and give regular feedback to my instructor.
I'm comfortable using email or Internet-based discussion forums to contact my instructor/classmates.
I'm comfortable using a computer and the Internet.
Learning new computer skills is usually pretty easy for me.